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Director & Creator: Michael Schilling

Welcome to Dead Nightmare.  A story about humans surviving in a vicious zombie infested world.  The story centers around several survivors & the hardships they face as the world they once knew, decays around them.  There are non-linear parts to the story, in which certain details come to light in future episodes.

I started this project in 2014 and the amount of cast members & zombies have grown over the years.  We spent  over 13 hours one cold night in October 2014, filming most of what makes up Episode One.  I really have to take my hat off to our amateur actors. They put in the time & endure my constant, "Let's do one more take.." 

We currently have five episodes available for viewing on Youtube (approx. 1.5 hours of content) and are currently filming episode 6.  I look forward to bringing you more content in the future on my youtube channel "Michael Schilling."  I will be posting tutorials, some interviews with the cast, & also include what their wins/opportunities have been as amateur actors on this project.  And most importantly I will continue to post updated pictures of the zombie cast and survivor crew. 


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the film
The facts
The mission

The One Man Show

That's me over there on the right.  One good lookin' fella if I do say so myself.

So where does one find the time to do all of this stuff??  Good question.  Besides having a full-time career as a Data Analyst and having a family to take care of; I'd say about 80% gets done late at night when everyone in the house is fast asleep.

I won't lie that the project is a ton of work and takes dedication & patience, but don't most hobbies and passions?  Since I didn't go to cinema school or any other arts education, I had to learn almost all of the technical stuff by tutorials and trial and error.  I learned keying and green screen effects while doing some create your own story narratives. Then I added visuals of my friends getting "taken out" in different ways.

Make sure to check out the "Resources" page for links and info on other film-maker's YouTube shows & websites where I learned a lot of useful techniques.



Behind the Scenes Info

For the most part this started as me being a one-man show.  Most of the time I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest b/c I write, produce, direct, edit, lead make-up artist, etc.

I finally got a little smarter and started asking for the help of my great friends & family, who have proven to be awesome at helping make this project come to life. 


We now have a few assistants that help with make-up (Elizabeth Cook, Gina Guider, and my wife Stefani).  Two of my close buddies Jeff Gillette and Dustin Shelton have started learning how to run the boom mic setup.

I also look to others advice when it comes to dialogue changes, b/c I am clearly not an amazing writer; but I do have quite the imagination.  So I got that going for me... Which is nice.

- Five Episodes Available

- Over and 1.5 hours of episode footage

- Over 50 unique zombies have been made up to date

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